Friday, June 03, 2005

It's Bad Behavior Friday™!

A pilot who recklessly buzzed beachgoers in Santa Cruz, Calif. will get a visit from the FAA.

In Australia, Police question kids in attempted lynching of boy, 5. And in England, three people were convicted of torturing a girl from Angola whom they thought was a witch.

Still in England, there was a shootout over a stolen copy of -- wait for it -- the newest Harry Potter book. This wasn't some gangsters unclear on the concept of bootlegging, but a representative of the Sun tabloid, trying to get his hands on a copy prior to the book's release. The more I think about this, the weirder it is. I guess they want to publish excerpts as a circulation stunt. Why didn't they just make a deal with the publisher to do so?

Still on the tabloid beat, but back in the States, actress Cameron Diaz is suing the the Nat'l Enquirer for claiming she kissed another celebrity. No! Say it's not true! Why isn't James Dobson all over that threat to America's families?

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