Thursday, June 23, 2005

Summer in a band

Blogger AbbyG is chronicling her band's tour of the southwest and south -- they just crossed from Texas over to New Orleans -- with some really good, funny writing.

In Austin:

I knew we sounded terrible though I couldn't even hear the parts I was hacking out. As usual, Devon whined for drinks and as usual was rewarded with a shot of whiskey. At one point he launched into a new song I'd never even heard before with little more heads up than a curt "It's in A minor Ok guys?" Allen stepped into the crowd and began performing one of his solo songs and at one point we drifted into two bars of the Misfits "One Last Caress." I gave up on being confused and embarrassed and just tried to endure it all as nobly as I could.

In New Orleans:

"you alright dude?" I called
"yeah. I think. Too drunk. I feel kinda sick."
"You look it. Get up and go puke you'll feel better."
"I should but where am I gonna do it, this a is a public place."
"This is New Orleans. The whole place smells like puke. If people don't puke enough they release a chemical reproduction of vomit scent into the air so it feels authentic. We’re in a park too... pick a tree."

The whole thing is great and really funny.

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