Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Too many cats

Less than a year after it opened, the animal shelter in San Jose, Calif. is being overwhelmed by an avalanche of kittens. Scorecard for month of May:

Cats and kittens turned in:                  1307
Number local groups took for adoption fairs:   96
Number adopted directly from shelter:          97
Number euthanized:                            931

It gets worse:

"We have so many right now, we had to clear out dog runs to put moms and their newborn kittens in," said Julie St. Gregory, spokeswoman for the center...

It's taking a heavy toll on the staff as well. Rows of towel-covered cages filled with kittens line the hallways most days as harried workers and volunteers try to figure out where they'll put them.... "What we need are the people to come here to find their pets and to tell others to come here if they are looking for a pet,'' Cicirelli said.

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