Monday, June 20, 2005

Which is a dream, and which the waking life?

Some people are still having fun. Link courtesy Violet Blue, who avers that account of an enthusiastic orgy is the truth and not simply someone's extended fantasy. I don't know, I wasn't there. But it sure beats the hell out of the only other naked houseboy party I ever attended.

Back when Cris and I were doing Frighten the Horses, one of our regular contributors was comix artist Angela Bocage. Angela got an idea that she'd like to have a tea party for her female friends -- artists and sex activists -- where the servers were naked men. She recruited her male friends for the duty, but only I and writer Michael Botkin were willing to serve tea in our birthday suits to a bunch of hot sex activist women -- go figure. And a pleasant time was had by all -- or so we thought.

About nine months later, I opened the Sunday San Francisco Chronicle to see Susie Bright on the cover of the magazine supplement. She had written a piece called "Strip Tea" (reprinted in Bright's own books and in Libido, another erotica zine of the era). In this piece, Susie wrote about having attended Angela's party and how so very disappointing it was. It did not live up to Susie's expectations of the event, it was not as she had pictured it would be at all. So she decided to do it right, and the rest of the article is about how she borrowed a mansion in the East Bay hills from a rich friend, got some Chippendales-ready gay strippers to be the naked serving boys, and made sure all the friends she invited dressed properly. In other words, she dissed Angela's party, stole her idea, and "improved" on it, then profited from it by selling the story.

Hey, that's America. And when I wrote Susie telling her that this was an abominable way to behave, she justified it by saying she had a child to feed.

I guess that story, which is now 12 years old, doesn't measure up to a post-tea party orgy, but hey, some people live the dream, and some only write about it.

Bonus sex link: Parts of women's brains "switch off" during orgasm.

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