Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How to go from Olympic hero to douchebag in a week

How do you go from Olympic stud to total douchebag in a week? Wear all your gold medals so that it looks like you have on a really bad belly dancer's costume, and top it off with a face that was never meant to be viewed dry.

I mean, everybody knows the guy looked good wet and naked, right? Why mess with success? Why not run a picture of him exulting in a just-clenched victory? Everybody knows he won the fucking medals.

I guess it's that, having won 8 medals, you never actually get to wear them except on your big SI cover shot. So if you have to have him wear the fucking things, then why not over a shirt of some kind? He's not going swimming in them, so why take his picture in swimming trunks?

Didn't anybody at the shoot say, "Uh, wait a minute. He looks like a freaking douchebag like this. Wardrobe? Can we get a shirt on him?"

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Brock said...

the cover is a parody of this:

Mark Pritchard said...

I know. But Mark Spitz looked evil and handsome and menacing with his medals. That photo inspired men to wear mustaches for the next ten years. Michael Phelps just looks like a douche.

sgtg said...

um, yea. spitz looks good. phelps looks ridiculous.