Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yes, it's lucrative

This post on Valleywag lists the going rate for H1-B visa workers hired by Microsoft, and includes the amazing statistics that a developer is paid around $115,000 while a technical writer gets $129,000.

Jesus! I don't make that much. But it is a pretty lucrative field, which provides certain evil consolation for the fact that it takes up all the time and energy that one might better spend being poor and writing novels.


On Zyzzyva editor H. Junker was a technical writer before becoming a litmag editor

On Too Beautiful: What does a tech writer do?


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Kristin Kearns said...

actually i was more of a tech editor, proofing final safety analysis reports... i got paid like $21k, but of course that was in '84.

thanks for keeping me in the tribe.