Friday, February 06, 2009

Dept. of Odd ways of putting it

For a few years I have been on a lonely struggle to point out the idiocy of the constant misuse of the word "need," as in this Jezebel post from yesterday titled "Elizabeth Hasselbeck Needs To STFU About Ashley Judd, Abortion." Really? She needs to?? Like she has a need that isn't being met?

I ran across another strange construction this morning. On an online forum, a woman used this odd phrase, twice (emphasis mine):
My lived experience of the last eight years has been that I have carried a lot of hurt and bitterness around...

My lived experience is that I am exhausted and tired by the double standard...
One thing is that those sentences would still make perfect sense if they just began with the word "I." But what does "my lived experience" mean? As opposed to your experience in Second Life? As opposed to the world you have created in your dreams?

Clearly the writer is insecure about simply stating her opinions and needs to -- and it's all right to use the phrase "needs to" when it is not a synonym for the word "should" -- preface them with some phrase that give them more authority. She is saying "I have really lived and felt these things." But why would she think that anyone would doubt it in the first place?

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