Monday, February 02, 2009

Good turn deserves another

The ratio of flames versus praise on the web is probably a thousand to one, and I sure don't mind toasting a company or shop when I've received bad service. So to be fair, I want to praise AT&T Wireless and their customer service reps for the great service they gave me this morning.

Last month when I replaced the cell phone Cris uses, I agreed to a GPS service for the line, because she doesn't have a great sense of direction and often calls me for help in finding an unfamiliar address. And since the guy at the AT&T store told me it was free for the first month, I said fine. But she hasn't used the service and doesn't want the charge. So just as I was going to call to cancel the service, I get the first bill, and behold, the first month was not free.

I phoned billing, and they couldn't really help; but they transferred me to Kimberly in customer service, and not only was she able to cancel the GPS service and take the charges off my bill -- including, without me asking, the week beyond the first free month that the service has been active -- but she noticed I could save money on txting charges on the phone I use, signed me up for a cheaper service for the txting, and rebated the charges on the current bill as if I had made the change a month ago. Kimberly was responsive, reasonable, proactive, solved a problem I didn't even know I had, and gave me more than I asked for. Now that's great customer service. Well done, AT&T Wireless.

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