Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baseball, twit by twit

I spent the afternoon at the ballgame, where Tim Lincecum gave a spendid performance, striking out 13 over 8 innings. But the Giants still lost, giving up two runs in the 9th and scoring a total of ZILCH themselves. Ya can't win if ya don't score.

I took my Peek Pronto to the game and, having figured out how to send posts to Twitter from the thing, spent the game twittering the action. It was partly a load test of the device, to see how it would handle periods of almost constant use. I found I actually lost the signal intermittently, which would seem impossible given the fact that I was high up in the stadium. But it might well be that there were simply too many people in the stadium, where 37,000 people were on hand, and it maxed out the network. (I think it's Verizon that Peek uses correction: it's T-Mobile.)

When the game ended, I found I had forgotten my cellphone at home. But at a ballpark -- especially one named after a phone company -- surely there are payphones, right? NOT. There are no payphones at "AT&T Park." How silly is that?

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voncookie said...

Shouldn't it be "tweet by tweet"? "Twit by twit" doesn't sound too complimentary...

Stephanie said...

Love that you tweeted the game! If I did that for Pittsburgh it would mostly be 'so-and-so made an error' or 'oh, look, he struck out'.

Was wondering when you were coming back to Twitter to 'play' again...?