Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Michael Jackson's tigers telepathically informed of his death

The former actress Tippi Hedren now runs an animal sanctuary for exotic beasts -- retired circus lions and such -- and took the tigers from Michael Jackson's small zoo when it was closed down in 2005. She let a reporter know that she took the trouble to inform the tigers of their former owner's death: "I went up and sat with them for a while and let them know that Michael was gone. You don't know what mental telepathy exists from the human to the animal. But I hope they understood."

She doesn't say whether the tigers were disappointed that they never got to kill and consume their former owner. I have the feeling that's really the only thing on the mind of a tiger: Prey or not?

In the same vein, in this rundown of Jackson's other exotic pets and what happened to them, when asked whether Jackson's chimp Bubbles has been informed of his owner's death, the directory of the sanctuary where the chimp now lives says, "We haven't said anything to him yet."


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