Saturday, February 13, 2010

Road trip, afternoon of day 3

I'm in Vermillion, South Dakota, home to the University of S.D. There's about a foot of snow on the ground, a brisk wind, and it's about 30 degrees. The sun should set in about an hour, but the overcast is so thick I'll never see it.

I drove north through Nebraska to get here, through rolling farm country. The snow got deeper the farther north I drove, first along US 30 and then US 81, and the last 30 miles before the South Dakota border there was snow blowing across the road. But none falling. I crossed the border at Yankton, where I took a few pictures, then headed 20 miles down the road to Vermillion, where I found a small, nice, used bookstore downtown. Then I found the university campus and drove past it and took a few more pictures. Now I'm in a McDonald's across the street.

There are zero pedestrians braving the cold wind. I won't blame them.

From here I'll drive into Iowa, might make it as far as Iowa City.

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