Saturday, February 13, 2010

Road trip, end of day 3

I started the day in the dusty, grimy truck stop/motel area of Ogallala, Nebraska, tootled down I-80 some more, and finally left the road at Grand Island. Heading northeast and then north, I went through towns like Central City and Columbus before approaching the Missouri River. The last twenty miles or so were more interesting in terms of the stress of the driving -- snow blowing across the road made me pay attention.

The farther north I got, the more snow I encountered. I crossed into South Dakota at Yankton, then visited nearby Vermillion, home to the Univ. of S.D., because @voncookie has applied for a job there. Kind of a nice town. See the pictures.

Then I planned to go all the way back down to Des Moines, Iowa. But on my way down I-29, it started drizzling a little. Knowing the temperature was at or below freezing, I was afraid of encountering ice on the dark highway, so instead of Des Moines, I ended up in a suburb of Omaha. I'll hit Iowa tomorrow.

I really enjoyed the snowy landscape today.

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