Saturday, July 31, 2010

May as well be on another planet

I've only been on vacation for four days, and aside from the baseball scores, anything coming from the outside world already strikes me as absurd. I just went to out of morbid curiosity: what headlines could possibly exist on a midsummer Saturday evening? Behold:

Latest news
3 convicted killers escape in Arizona
Asylum offer for condemned Iranian
WikiLeaks suspect held in solitary
Afghan war papers: What we know
Hamas leader killed in Israeli airstrikes
Obama wants dignity for Rangel
Ticker: Another Dem in ethics trouble
J.Lo can be a great 'Idol' judge, if ... - EW
No quick hearing on AZ immigration law
How to save $1 million by 65 - NNMoney
Chavez orders troops to border
Yankees, Cardinals in deadline deals - SI
Sex offender freed 300 years early
Mom dies after silicone injection

These may as well be headlines from Mars as far as I'm concerned. As for the Gulf oil spill, I completely forgot about it. I mean that I glimpsed it on the CNN page and said to myself, Oh yeah, that happened.

Now this is a good vacation.

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