Sunday, October 03, 2010

Desert sojourn, day 24

Boulders just inside Joshua Tree National Park, near my rented house

This morning marked the fourth day in a row that it was stormy in the morning. Although it wasn't very close to my house, it did look like heavy rain in Twentynine Palms. By the time I went over there for church at 10 a.m., though, it was all cleared up.

But it did mean I skipped my walk in the morning. So after working on my book this afternoon, making up characters and researching yet another area I know nothing about -- theft of native American artifacts -- I took a small walk about an hour before sunset. As I've said before, at the top of the street, half a mile from the house I'm renting, is the boundary of the national park. And you can slip through a barbed wire fence and just go walking. That's what I did for about an hour. I only got a few hundred yards into the park at the most -- there's no trail and while it's easy to go overland, you do have to thread your way between cactus, creosote bushes and boulders while also looking out for squirrel holes (ankle spraining danger) and snakes (bite danger). Quartz litters the ground. It's gorgeous, which is why it's a national park.

Nice weekend. Glad I got some work done on my book!

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