Friday, March 25, 2011

Stephanie, gone 12 years

It's the 12th anniversary of Stephanie's death on the highway in Arizona.

I just searched again last night and found another artifact: Stephanie's zine Hey Stranger listed on the web. If a girl whose whole career was limited to a couple of little bitty zines and a few illustrations in others' zines could be said to have a masterpiece, this was hers.


Matthew said...


Hi! Nice pic of Steph--thanks for sharing. Just saw that lil' Hey Stranger page, too. Sweet.

Hope all's well with you. Looking good in your current pic, btw.


Matty Gilreath

Todd said...


I found this while looking at my referrer logs. I'm sorry to hear that Stephanie passed. She sounds like a really cool person.


Mark Pritchard said...

Thanks for stopping by, Matthew and Todd.

Esempf said...


If you ever need more copies of Hey Stranger I still have a bunch of the last printing I did for the wake.


Mark Pritchard said...

Oh hi Emil! I do still have my copy from the wake.

Have you considered putting it on the internet?