Monday, September 03, 2012

What I'm up to these days - end of summer 2012 version

Pretty much:
  1. My job as a technical writer. I have been working at the same place on the same product, more or less, for five and a half years.
  2. My current creative writing project, a novel I've been working on since the end of 2008. About my writing, little has changed since I wrote this statement in 2006. The most exciting thing that's happened lately is that I found a stable, productive place to write -- the office where I took this picture.  
  3. Reading, most recently Dirty Havana Trilogy, Red April, and By Blood.
  4. Exercising, which isn't keeping me from getting fat, but may be keeping me from actually dying quite yet.
  5. Church activities.
  6. Occasional consumption of literary readings, theater, music and other live art.
  7. Even more occasional performance of same.
I observe the weather. I water the garden. I do chores. I mourn our cats who died last year. I correspond with and visit friends, who sometimes visit me. It's a quiet, middle-aged life.

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