Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Uncertainty principle

In a dream: A woman who was an oracle or priestess of some kind was the guardian of a portal that was located in a cavern. The portal was a small vertical hole, only a few inches across, and you looked into it with an instrument like a microscope. When you looked into this portal you were looking into what was supposedly a microscopic world, only it appeared to be a whole universe, like the pictures from the Hubble. In other words, this microscopic world contained the whole universe, and you could look into it and see whatever you wanted to in space-time. Thus the guardian was a powerful oracle, though she was not the only one allowed to look into the microscope, indeed anyone who came to her could look into it, and she helped them.

I asked her, "Is it perfect?" meaning the universe contained in the portal. And she replied, "As long as we're here (to look at it), we change it."

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