Saturday, May 11, 2013

The trees from my wife

This picture is our garden this morning. Much of the foliage is made up of two medium-sized ornamental cherry trees, though at the top you see a grapevine and in the lower right corner is wisteria. I took the picture from the window of the room in the rear of the house, a bedroom converted to an office.

The cherry trees were a gift from my wife for my birthday several years ago, soon after we moved into the house in the mid 1990s. The one on the left is original; the one on the right is I think the third one we planted there; two previous ones didn't survive. Now the trees are almost the same size, though one is four years older than the other. They have very different personalities, the chief difference being that the older one always blooms first and more completely.

Here they are last spring:

Right after I took the picture this morning, while I was shutting the window, a big robin zoomed in and landed in the tree on the right, and I felt joy at the thought of the creature taking up residence here.

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