Sunday, August 31, 2008

On Salon: God to Republicans: Drop dead started a new blogging-cum-social networking realm called Open Salon, and I started a blog there. My first post is kind of obvious.
The Lord, as His minion Pat Robertson likes to claim, directs natural disasters towards sinners, and thus the destruction wreaked by Hurricane Katrina was punishment for American wickedness... As Hurricane Gustav approaches landfall, you have to wonder, then, why God has it in for the Republicans so bad that He sent a major hurricane to disrupt their convention.
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Tarale Seena said...

Spot on. With a few hundred thousand dead Iraqis, and at least 4000 young Americans, that could have lived productive and fantastic lives back in their homes in Kansas, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana.. and their families that will perhaps never recover from the tragedy, thousands injured physically, and thousands of families going through mental and emotional trauma,and Sarah Palin has the temerity to term this monster of a war into "God's war". Shame on the Republicans and shame on the "conservatives" who think God is on their side for their war mongering.