Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chris Adrian story in the New Yorker

In the April 20 New Yorker there is a short story so amazingly good, the kind you tell every friend about, so I am linking to it here: A Tiny Feast.

I was excited because I hadn't heard of the author before and he seems to be from San Francisco. A quick Google search proved my ignorance; he has several books and apparently has been famous for the last seven or eight years. So I probably won't be ringing him up for an interview. Some writers inspire me and make me feel like I could write as wonderfully as they do, even if a part of me knows I can't; this year I found Yiyun Li and Roberto Bolaño especially inspiring. Other writers -- classically Toni Morrison -- discourage and intimidate me and make me feel like I have no business trying to write. Chris Adrian is one of the latter, so even if I did wangle an interview I don't know what I'd ask anyway.

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