Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Deep springtime

It's a gorgeous spring morning in San Francisco, chilly, clear and breezy; later today it's supposed to be really windy, and already I can see the tops of the clouds being blown diagonally off their bases.

If I haven't been posting here much, it's mainly because I started writing a new novel last week, and I'm devoting as much spare attention to it as possible. I haven't been posting on any of the other blogs I sometimes post on either. I just don't want to sacrifice my momentum with the novel -- which I conceived of twelve years ago, and made several false starts on within the past five years. Having finally figured out a way to go forward, at least to rewrite the opening so that it makes sense, I want to keep going. So there won't be too much ersatz commentary, attempts at journalism, or arch mockery to consume for at last a few weeks.

Today's also my 53rd birthday, and I give thanks for family and friends who have supported me over many years, in the past, today and in the future.


sgtg said...

Happy Birthday Mark!!

Jackadandy said...

Happy Birthday!