Saturday, June 27, 2009

Short vacation

Cris and I drove yesterday down I-5 and up into the Mojave Desert to visit our friend Christine. The three of us, together with a couple others, had a postmodern dance/performance art group in San Francisco 20 or so years ago. Christine lived at that time in a loft with a dance studio near 16th and Valencia, a loft where we produced many shows. She moved from that maelsrtom to a lonely desert town in 1993, so she's now been in the desert most of the time I've known her, which seems strange. Since coming here she has become a painter and creator of installations. With other artists here -- of which there are an increasing number -- she produced a Homestead Cabin Festival this spring.

It'll be very hot this weekend. It's only 8:40 and it's already about 88, I think.

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