Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Desert sojourn, day 26

Looking northeast across the desert after sunset

I can't get over how the weather has changed. Four days ago it was 95 in mid-day; two days ago 85; today 70 at most. A cool breeze springs up in late afternoon. When I took a walk at sunset, I wore a jacket, just as I had for my sunrise walk this morning. I took a quick little snapshot camera video of some quail crossing the road, but it was already too dark for the video to really come out.

After dark I went to "downtown" Joshua Tree (nothing more than a concentration of stores and storefronts, many of them not actually hosting going concerns, near a crossroads) to the Crossroads Cafe. It's the closest you can come to a fairly hip joint, complete with organic salads, white hipsters in dreadlocks, and wicker baskets full of small works of art and craft. And it's the place to get a really decent sandwich. I sat and eavesdropped and made notes on my book. One quote that's going to make it in: "How do you take advantage of a current that's moving against you?" I didn't hear the reply to this probably rhetorical question, but it's just as well, the question itself speaks volumes.

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