Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Foamer: problem with modern culture is not enough killing of small animals

Haven't had a laugh at Dave Daubenmire recently. But no problem! He's just posted They Are Afraid of Real Men, in which he suggests that the problem with America today is that we don't train boys to kill things. An excerpt:

I am just going to say it. We have allowed the young men in this nation to be emasculated by women. No offense to women... But, I don't want my son acting like them. I want him to kill bugs, and shoot varmints, and tell men off. I want him to open doors for women, to protect and defend his sisters, to learn to handle a gun in order to protect his family. Our children understand that the Father is the head of the house and that his job is to guide, guard and govern those God has entrusted to him. ...

If you don't teach him now, some 23 year old recent college graduate who minored in Women's Studies at the University will. ... In America we are teaching our young boys how to get in touch with their feelings, how to recycle paper, and how to speak without offending. I read somewhere that one of the first things Muslim children are taught in some of their schools around the Middle East is how to kill and dissect young animals. It teaches them to get over their natural revulsion to blood.

Or we could just make sure our children's first sexual experiences are with women who are menstruating. Unless killing is the important part. I have the feeling it is.

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