Monday, September 20, 2010

Desert sojourn: day 11

Really intense work for my day job today -- just all day long. It didn't matter much in the sense that it was a hot day and it was no good going outdoors anyway. I completed my walk at dawn as usual, about four miles.

At the end of the day I went outside at sunset and ate my supper at a garden table next to the house. Here's the house from the side rear, with the getting-fuller moon rising, and the Harrison House across the street to the left.

However, I did uncover some great material for my book. I was just telling Cris yesterday that I want part of my plot to involve one of the "typical FBI terror stings" in which some hapless loudmouth is the target of a sting in which the FBI arrests him for planting a non-functioning bomb that they themselves gave him. And voila, it happened. The criminal complaint shows quite clearly how the FBI's confidential informant encouraged this poor shmuck and strung him along until they had him dead to rights. It isn't scary, it's just sad. Compare this to the complaint in the 2007 Fort Dix "pizza terrorists" case -- even less threatening than that. At least in New Jersey they seemed serious about doing something before the FBI got involved.

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