Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Nutbag of the week: Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Last week I first brought up one Pastor Chuck Baldwin, a man who believes (along with his Baptist version of right-wing Christianity) in something he calls the Clinton-Bush Crime Syndicate, along with other delusions, 19th century political positions, and various paranoias. He seemed entertaining, so I thought I'd follow his blog.

And so today he posted a justification for his just-announced move from Florida to Montana. In his post, he compares himself to the Pilgrims who fled Old World oppression for the New World:
I believe Montana (and surrounding states) is in store for a FREEDOM RUSH. People all over America instinctively realize that things cannot keep going the way they are. The tyrannical tentacles of Washington, D.C., are making life a proverbial hell on earth for people all over the country, and, unfortunately, many (if not most) states are unwilling to resist the Crown's (excuse me, DC's) evil machinations. So, in the hearts of freedom-loving people there burns the question, "What do we do?" My family and I have answered that question. Our move is in response to the direct and definite revelation of God, in much the same way that our Pilgrim and Pioneer ancestors followed God’s guiding light.
Right... Even if you ignore the delusion that God is speaking directly to him about his family, you still have this grandiose notion that he is repeating the flight of the Pilgrims in his "RUSH" to Montana. And later he goes on to compare himself to the Founding Fathers. He seems to realize this sounds grandiose, so he adds:
{My critics] realize the potential of what we are doing is so great, so powerful, and so extensive, that it could literally change the course of American history. Yes, I truly believe that. Do I believe that I am that important or powerful? Not at all. I am only one man (a rather simple man, at that). But I know there is a great God in Heaven Who inspired great men of history to incorporate great principles of freedom into the minds and hearts of a great people, and by so doing changed the course of history at that time. And I am convinced that this same God and those same principles are just as revolutionary -- just as powerful -- today as they were then. Therefore, the principalities and powers that be are scared silly that others will be inspired to do as we are doing. So, they are attempting to assassinate my motives and character.
Even in his protestations that he is "a rather simple man" (and beware of people who feel they have to say that), he used the word "great" three times in one sentence. And he believes his urge, along with a similar urge he predicts many like-minded people will feel, "could change the course of American history."

Just pick the reasoning apart a little bit. He has a certainty that God wants him to seek greater freedom by moving from Florida to Montana -- does he understand that Montana is still in the United States? Does he really believe the law is different there? But fine -- let's indulge him for a moment. We're still confronted with his notion that moving from a tyrannous region of the country (Florida is "hell on earth" for conservatives? Really?) to a supposedly more free one (Montana is to Florida as the American colonies were to England?) "could change the course of American history."

How, pray tell? Let's suppose this predicted "FREEDOM RUSH" (his caps) happens, and half a million people move to Montana and Idaho, where white supremacists, paranoids, and general whack jobs have plenty of lebensraum. Now you have an extra three hundred thousand unemployed people in the Mountain Time Zone. Of course these folks are way too free, too liberated, to ask for unemployment and Social Security. Because that would be wrong. I suppose they'll all be selling Amway and guns? Or whatever. And... they'll be living in another of the fifty states. And... enjoying the climate change. And... the delusion that they've changed their lives and possibly changed American history. And... nothing.

Oh, and he's asking for donations! I guess that's okay.

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