Monday, June 13, 2005


Courtesy Wonkette, here's the Christian Coalition's executive director for New York State:

We put warning labels on cigarette packs because we know that smoking takes one to two years off the average life span, yet we 'celebrate' a lifestyle that we know spreads every kind of sexually transmitted disease

And blah blah blah. More here. Wonkette says he is suggesting some kind of "warning label" for gay people, but I think that needs to be thought through some more. First, what would such a warning label say? "Danger -- this person isn't afraid to be him/herself. May cause lust, envy, regret"?

Marilyn Jaye has a very funny entry about renting a low-budget sex-and-gore film and the effect it had on her paramour.

The father is snapping on a pair of latex gloves and clearly getting ready to give the daughter a gynecological exam against her will. I won't spoil it for you, but the scene totally delivered for such a low budget flick. Mike was, like, SPROING -- total woody. From then on, if he had to go out of the room for any reason, he said. "Pause it -- I know it's a fucked-up movie but I don't want to miss anything."

I completely missed the San Francisco blogger meet-up sponsored by a local TV station, even though I was invited. I chose to hang out with friends instead, and glad I did. We had such a great time dallying in Cath's garden. It was almost like being on ecstasy, that sense of delight and all-the-time-in-the-world. How rare that feeling is! Even on vacation one doesn't feel like that, because you feel obliged to run around and see whatever there is to see, in that exotic place you spent a ton of money and PTO hours to visit. My friend Sara had a similar tale. She told me this morning of hanging out on Sudnay afternoon -- it was lovely and sunny here -- with her partner in a backyard hammock with their chickens happily scratching beneath.


Steeph said...

I'm afraid the label thing is more serious. The German Nazi's made the gays wear pink triangles. Check:

Mark Pritchard said...

I know. And I certainly am not defending what the guy said, but nowhere in that article does he actually say he thinks gay people should wear labels. Apparently he made a historical reference and expected people to draw an inference.

If one is really worried about the issue of forcing someone to identify themselves, then I would be a lot more worried about data privacy and what can be gleaned from databases. Those are the kind of inferences that companies pay big money for.

Steeph said...

Well, the Label reference was enough for me. But he didn't actually connected the two things.

And I know a lot about data privacy so I can fully support your point.
But being from Europe, things that look like what happened before scares the shit out of me.